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Swiss singer Richard Gyver was still a teenager when he sang on stage for the first time alongside professional artists. He kicked off his career as a backing vocalist working in various recording studios across the country.

Over the years, he became part of two bands and, surprisingly enough, his first recording as a solo artist was only released in 2020.

Ask him what type of artist he is and he will answer:

"I’m a romantic singer".


Besides singing, Richard has also designed stage outfits and started creating several ABBA outfit replicas as of 2010; this has shed light onto Richard's talents as various media have reported about it.

Significant Milestones: 

  • 23.09.2023 Opening of the "From Waterloo to the World" exhibition at the Domain of the Battle of Waterloo, Belgium, featuring my 22 outfit replicas

  • 06.02.2010 Meeting Frida Lyngstad (of ABBA) on the plane, flying from Zürich, Switzerland to Stockholm, Sweden

  • 27.12.2001 Meeting Frida Lyngstad in Zermatt, Switzerland

  • 02.04.2000 Meeting Benny Andersson (of ABBA) in Marrakesch, Morocco

  • 20.05.1984 Meeting Frida Lyngstad in Geneva, Switzerland

  • 16.03.1983 Meeting Frida Lyngstad in Geneva, Switzerland

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