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Apart from singing, Richard has created several ABBA outfit replicas; obviously passionated by the famous Swedish quartet's music, Richard had in mind for years the ambitious project of recording an ABBA song cover. The choice of "Knowing Me, Knowing You" was easy to make: not only has this very song always been Richard's favourite, but also, surprisingly enough, the song has remained almost "untouched" as a very few covers do exist.

The revamped version of the 1976 ABBA classic will nevertheless sound familiar to the band connoisseurs, all voices ingredients having been respectfully kept to match the original song's atmosphere.

This first recording as a solo artist is an amazing mix of Richard's artistic skills, binding his baryton voice together with his precise work when creating the outfit replicas appearing in the music video; moreover, it is also paying a faithful homage from Richard to ABBA for the great inspiration the band have provided.

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